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This morning I was going through my teacher Google Classroom to support staff and felt the need to delete old content when I stumbled on – I had totally forgotten about it!

💌WHAT I LOVE: Share a quick code/link and students can ask you questions during independent work time or even just the nature of our online/hybrid class world! 💡On your page, student names appear in the order they were entered. Once you meet with a student, you click their name and it disappears, moving everyone else up in line.

Wide Open School

This website is pulling together a ton of Educational Partners, like Common Sense Media, Stop Breathe Think (Mindfulness Education), Common Lit, PBS, Big History Project, Khan Academy, Scholastic, and more

They are hosting their lessons in ONE place for you by grade level, content, or need (social emotional, scheduling, etc.) Whether for your own children at home or students – this can be a great “I forgot to plan for___” or work at your own pace option.



I could spend all day talking about Google’s Jamboard and how to use it but let me just start with the facts: Collaboration & Connection no matter where you or your learners are. 20 Jame (slide) Maximum, simple to figure out and fun!

Learn more at my Page

Check out this tool if you want real time instruction and assessment to occur simultaneously for all.

See the tool here

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