This is where I will keep you all posted on things that pertain specifically to iOS devices in general.

In case you are someone who:

  1. Reads the news or other online publications on your iPhone and hate all the ads and extra crap on websites that distract from your reading.
  2. Hates squinting to add an apostrophe or change a word by having to press down perfectly on the best spot in a paragraph of text on an iPhone or iPad.

These are awesome ways (that maybe you are familiar with) maybe not to get more comfortable with your iOS devices.

Safari Reader Mode:

By tapping the below bottom on available sites that allow for reader mode, news articles and more become adless and more simple to read.

Before Safari Reader Mode is Turned On (Ads & Photos that are Distracting)

After the Safari Reader Mode is Turned On (Minimalist Reader View)

Keyboard (SpaceBar) Cursor for free Roaming around a Paragraph

Hold down on the spacebar when you are trying to add the cursor to a specific place in a paragraph (like in my example, Ariana Grande Lyrics)

Once the letters on the keys disappear, don’t take your thumb off of the space bar, but slide it around as if it were a mouse until it is where you need it to be for editing.