Google Classroom Update 18′

If you went to start getting your Google Classroom ready for this school year, you may have been a bit surprised by recent Updates! I decided to dedicate this page towards helping some of those initial concerns. 

1. No more "About" Tab.
2. The "stream" is only now centered around Announcements & Posts, not assignments. Consider this as a "news feed". 
3. "Classwork" is where you create assignments, questions, and topics (read on about how to organize this). 
4. The "Create" button is top left on Web based Version now, and bottom right on the Application. 
5. Settings has everything now in once place from class code, description, and commenting features.

Read on to see this in action and get Tips on how to set this up!



  1. Big Change!! No more “About” tab. Instead, it has been replaced by a “Classwork” tab that organizes all of the work that is due and posted within topics. The Stream still operates in terms of timeline format and can be used to discuss and respond on Questions and view reminders.

A workaround for this lack of “About” tab is to create a Topic that is your “About” or even “Resources” topic that can be housed here. Make it UNGRADED! You can also move around your topics here to reorder them.


HINT**Problematically – we cannot add resources that are not assignments, so if you want to post a syllabus just don’t use give it a due date. If you don’t like Topics that are thematic – Put the Work by Unit or Sequence like below! You can re-order and move up or down as you go along with change the name as shown above. IMG_EFC3053E8214-1.jpeg


2. Another big change is you may be missing the “TODO” Page where you graded student work for workflow. Now you will go to Classwork and proceed with your grading from there.

  • By going to the classwork page and selecting an assignment, you may check to see work turned in, and then tap what was turned in, add a grade, and edit. **HINT _ You can use your apple pencil to annotate over PDFs in Classroom!IMG_0074 4.PNG
  • The student will then be emailed that the work was graded and completed! IMG_0001.PNG

A common problem I’ve been getting emails about is teachers are logging into old classes and can’t see the “Classwork” tab. This means the class was made before the update in August. Luckily, you can now copy a whole class and keep everything (though I always suggest revamping our curriculum for each new year and new group of students). But here is a picture of how you can copy a class and that should help you see the new tab once copied!

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 8.47.02 AM.png

Lastly! There are some small changes! For instance, you can now turn off notifications for a specific class by going to Settings and Class Notifications. Also – You can Copy a WHOLE Class instead of just one assignment from year to year.



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