Remote Learning Tips for iPads: save time & emphasize work quality with the Notability App

As a 1:1 iPad school Notability is one of the best workflow tools at our fingertips. Even more so I’ve found most of our students choose to use it daily, which is a huge deal! That being said, there are some features that as students and teachers we might not be utilizing that will saveContinue reading “Remote Learning Tips for iPads: save time & emphasize work quality with the Notability App”

Asked & Answered: Google Classroom Notifications and Gmail Filters

I partially think the reason I haven’t written one of these posts in so long is because I’ve been dealing with those pesky Google Classroom notifications. It takes so much to delete them and organize them. I could just turn them off right? But in my job as Tech Coach, it’s important I see whatContinue reading “Asked & Answered: Google Classroom Notifications and Gmail Filters”

Teacher Google Sites: Do you need one?

In the world of Google Classroom, what role does a Google Site play and should you add this to your beginning of the year checklist? We both know it’s a mile long. Ever since Google Classroom rolled around, I often have teachers show up in my office with the question of what to do withContinue reading “Teacher Google Sites: Do you need one?”

Asked & Answered: Jamboard

Teacher questions that may help you too! QUESTION ANSWER “Hi _____________ Have you ever heard of your used Google’s “Jamboard”? It is a part of Google’s Education Suite and it sounds like it could help with what you are searching for! Think shared Google Doc, but whiteboard! You have the same sharing mechanisms as youContinue reading “Asked & Answered: Jamboard”