Remote Learning Tips for iPads: save time & emphasize work quality with the Notability App

As a 1:1 iPad school Notability is one of the best workflow tools at our fingertips. Even more so I’ve found most of our students choose to use it daily, which is a huge deal! That being said, there are some features that as students and teachers we might not be utilizing that will saveContinue reading “Remote Learning Tips for iPads: save time & emphasize work quality with the Notability App”

Asked & Answered: Google Classroom Notifications and Gmail Filters

I partially think the reason I haven’t written one of these posts in so long is because I’ve been dealing with those pesky Google Classroom notifications. It takes so much to delete them and organize them. I could just turn them off right? But in my job as Tech Coach, it’s important I see whatContinue reading “Asked & Answered: Google Classroom Notifications and Gmail Filters”

Teacher Google Sites: Do you need one?

In the world of Google Classroom, what role does a Google Site play and should you add this to your beginning of the year checklist? We both know it’s a mile long. Ever since Google Classroom rolled around, I often have teachers show up in my office with the question of what to do withContinue reading “Teacher Google Sites: Do you need one?”

Asked & Answered: Jamboard

Teacher questions that may help you too! QUESTION “Hi Lauren, Is there an app (like Google docs) that allows a student and teacher to collaborate on a whiteboard together?  Or that allows a teacher to write on a photo of student work while they watch?  I’m trying to think of how I can view studentContinue reading “Asked & Answered: Jamboard”