Asked & Answered: Google Classroom Notifications and Gmail Filters

I partially think the reason I haven’t written one of these posts in so long is because I’ve been dealing with those pesky Google Classroom notifications. It takes so much to delete them and organize them. I could just turn them off right? But in my job as Tech Coach, it’s important I see what the people I work with are doing so I can support if needed.

Beyond my own issues with these notifications, I’ve vowed to post these Asked & Answered features when I get a good question from a teacher, in regards to a tech issue or wonder. So….

Today I got a chat message from a coworker that asked this:

The answer to this specific question is simple – but can like many things with Google Classroom and it’s functioning, become complex if we do a deep dive so first and foremost.

Your Classroom Notifications Settings

Located within the three stacked lines in the top left of your overall Classroom list menu at the very bottom is your Settings, and this is where your notification controls live.

It actually makes up more than half of your Settings panel in Google Classroom, because there are so many options for customizing those alerts you get via email

In regard to the teacher’s question from before, he would have gone straight to classes he teaches, and makes sure that the Late Submissions of student work switch was toggled on – it sounds like at some point his notifications were turned off! You can also turn off some specific classes and leave others on.

For classes you’re enrolled in you also get your own settings along with the kinds of notifications you’d like to receive but ultimately this can even be controlled class to class by turning on and off the switch if you’d like to mute some entirely.

BUT Lauren, late Work:

If you’re comfortable with checking Google Classroom daily and want to nix all notifications, then so be it. I mean we are all becoming pretty intimate roommates with GC anyway, or is that just me? Anyway, sometimes you might find yourself grading assignments you didn’t realize were late or even not going back to look for submitted late work.

Hence the request from my colleague! So simply, he can toggle that “Late Submissions of Student Work” and get an email when that happens. Sure.

But Lauren, My Mailbox is Pristine

We can’t be talking about me here, but trust me I have seen some teachers with the cleanest of mailboxes in the universe. This is where the we digress to The Home Edit’s version of today’s Asked & Answered, but nevertheless a super useful option for sometime teachers.

Set a Filter/Label for it in Gmail!
Find an email from Google Classroom, any old email, and if not follow my below steps to replicate!

Filter the message

Delete the top line & Add Submitted Late as the Subject
(Or to filter all Google Classroom Emails type

Create Filter & Add to an Email Folder you Have Set up! In my case, Google Classroom – you might not want to Mark as Read like I did but either way!

There it is – a simple but potentially life changing practice that can mimics your inbox and stress level! Send me an asked & answered to my Facebook or Instagram pages!


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