Five Classroom Activities to Finish the Year: reflections for students that are fun + engaging.

It’s the final stretch of the school year, but I didn’t have to tell you that. You already know this based on the number of times you have been asked by students to go outside today, HINT* it’s four times the number of whiteboard markers PLUS all the pencils you have left to your name.

If you’re like me you’re scouring the internet to find something for your students that isn’t boring, but isn’t too much work – am I right or am I right? Of course we, as caring and wonderful teachers, also care about practicing mindfulness and coming full circle with our instruction too – oops should have put that first. So, here are my go-to reflective activities that you won’t have to threaten students over (because they’ll guess they’re okay) and provide some voice and choice.

Plus* The link to the Free Access to a Google Slideshow of these handouts plus an Infographic Template is at my TpT store Here:

So here they are – my reflection activities for students – that give them a little voice & choice – and let you let the students do the work.

1. The 60 Second Recap

2. An Instagram Feed Portfolio

Reflective Infographic

My Year in Tweets

Unboxing your Year

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